API for instant IMEI check and SIM unlocking services

API for Apple, Nokia, Samsung IMEI check and SIM unlock
(Application Programming Interface)
Start integrating your application or website to our system and get instant IMEI reports delivered directly to your selected platform!

To use this API you will need a:

  1. Username.
  2. API Key.
  3. IMEI number to check.

(Ready to use: TEST API file is configured with Username and API Key)

Download GSX-API.zip file here

Use TEST API to setup your account, when you get it working add funds to your account and we will enable access to any service you may need.

How to work with API?

This API works in 2 steps:

  1. In first call you will need to submit the IMEI number and API will instant reply with a ReferenceID.
  2. In second call submit the ReferenceID and API will reply with results for that IMEI number.

When you have downloaded the GSX-API.zip file you will find:

  1. api.php (Main API file)
  2. api-submit.php (Sample: How to send IMEI and get ReferenceID)
  3. api-receive.php (Sample: How to send ReferenceID and get IMEI result/report)
  4. index.php (Not used, just for hiding folder contents)


How to use:

  • Execute api-submit.php file and the IMEI: 356996060436473 will be submitted and you will get a ReferenceID.
  • Execute api-receive.php file and you will get results for ReferenceID: 535244


API services available now:

IMEI and Serial number check services

  1. GSX Pro INSTANT by IMEI number
  2. GSX Pro INSTAND by Serial number
  3. GSX Check by IMEI Server 2
  4. Asutralia Barred check
  5. AT&T Clean/Barred check Instant
  6. Sprint iPhone Blacklist / Barred (Unpaid Bills) Checker auto 24/7
  7. Find My iPhone ON/OFF checker by IMEI
  8. Find My iPhone ON/OFF checker by (Serial Number)
  9. CheckMend Full Report Lost Stolen Blacklisted IMEI Check – UK / USA
  10. iCloud Clean / Lost MODE Check via IMEI
  11. iCloud Clean / Lost MODE Check via Serial Number
  12. IMEI Check (Sold To + Initial Policy)
  13. IMEI Replacement Info
  16. iOS 9  Beta UDID Registration
  17. iPhone Clean/Block Check Worldwide (GSMA)
  18. iPhone Model Finder
  19. T-Mobile USA Clean/Financed/Blocked Check
  20. Telenor Sweden Barred Check
  21. MEID to Serial Number
  23. Samsung IMEI Checker
  24. Verizon USA ESN Check


SIM unlock for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia ++

  1. APAC
  2. Australia & NZ Service
  3. Australia Optus (Singtel)
  4. Australia Telstra
  5. Australia Virgin
  6. Australia Vodafone Three 3 Hutchison
  7. Brazil Claro
  8. Brazil Oi
  9. Brazil Tim
  10. Brazil VIVO
  11. Canada Bell
  12. Canada Fido
  13. Canada Rogers/Fido
  14. Canada Telus/Koodo
  15. Chile Entel
  16. Denmark 3 Three Hutchison
  17. Denmark Telenor
  18. Denmark Telia
  19. Egypt Vodafone
  20. EMEA
  21. France Bouygues
  22. France Orange
  23. France SFR
  24. Germany T-Mobile
  25. Germany Vodafone
  26. HongKong CSL
  27. Ireland O2
  28. Ireland Vodafone
  29. Japan KDDI AU
  30. Korea KT Freetel/SK
  31. Mexico Telcel
  32. Norway NetCom
  33. Norway Tele2
  34. Norway Telenor
  35. Singapore Singtel
  36. Spain Movistar
  37. Spain Orange
  38. Spain Vodafone
  39. Sweden 3 Hutchison
  40. Sweden Tele2
  41. Sweden Telenor
  42. Sweden Telia
  43. Switzerland Orange
  44. Switzerland Sunrise
  45. Switzerland Swisscom
  46. UK 3 Hutchison
  47. UK O2 (No Tesco)
  48. UK Orange/T-Mob/EE
  49. UK Vodafone
  50. USA AT&T
  51. USA Sprint
  52. USA T-Mobile
  53. USA Verizon

Important: The above services are ONLY for clean devices.
If your device is reported lost or stolen then we will NOT be able to unlock.
All IMEI/Serial numbers will be checked and your IP address will be noted.