Apple iPhone 4S White IMEI network carrier check report
Serial Number: C8PH5594DTD0
Part Description: IPHONE 4S 16GB WHITE
IMEI Number: 013047002111298
Initial Activation Policy: US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy
Initial Activation Policy ID: 23
Unlocked: true
Unlock Date: 04/08/14
Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Coverage Start Date:
Coverage End Date:
Days Remaining: 0
Purchase Date: 02/09/12
Purchase Country: United States
Registration Date: 02/09/12
Product Description: iPhone 4S
Next Tether Policy ID: 10
Next Tether Policy Details: Unlock.
Applied Activation Policy ID: 10
Applied Activation Details: Unlock.
Unbricked: true
First Unbrick Date: 02/10/12
Last Unbrick Date: 04/08/14
ICCID: 8901260262830765915
Product Version: 7.1
MAC Address: 44D88455E474
Bluetooth MAC Address: 44D88455E475
SIM Lock: Unlocked

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